Moody’s gives thumbs up to UAE’s know your customer blockchain platform

Moody’s organization has stated that a brand new blockchain-based totally know your customer (KYC) platform within the United Arab Emirates is credit positive for the country’s lenders. 

According to a record by local media outlet the countrywide on Feb. 26, the rankings organization has stated that the platform will enhance asset quality and improve earnings.

Stated last week, a consortium of six banks, keeping almost 45% of general banking property within the UAE, was formed this month to share proven customer information using blockchain technology.

According to moody’s, the brand new KYC platform will enhance compliance with local and global rules, while maintaining client information secure. Moody’s said:

“We assume the KYC blockchain consortium to assist the asset quality of UAE banks generally by decreasing operational risk. The platform will facilitate quicker and more secure onboarding, and exchange of authenticated and confirmed virtual customer statistics and files through distributed technology-powered through blockchain.”

Securing client statistics in opposition to breaches

Use of blockchain technology also can assist to protect against information breaches, as moody’s defined:

“The platform will help regulatory oversight of banks’ series and control of KYC information. We additionally assume it to assist credit risk management with higher information for customer underwriting and debt series.”

Moody’s additionally expects different establishments within the location to progressively join the platform, which it says “has the capacity to turn out to be an essential factor of the country’s digital ecosystem.”

The KYC platform can be evolved in partnership with blockchain platform and packages company norbloc and is anticipated to roll out inside the first quarter of 2020.

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