Concentrate. With steadiness, courage, dare-determinedness burn a hole into things. No matter what the thing at hand may be.

Concentrate. The Wheel of Action and of Business moves by steady turns around one central hub. In Success, Rim, Spoke, Hub hold tight together, and as though human, Think, Plan, Move as one.

Concentrate. Results come always to the persistent. Opportunity goes out of its way to get hold of the hand of the Sticker. The eye of the Boss is drawn irresistibly to the desk of the Doer. Concentrate.

Concentrate. Draw the details together. Formulate your day’s Plan. Strike a pace. Make every minute and every move count. Concentrate. And the finished Job will be the day’s Goal — twenty-four hours of a life well worthwhile. Concentrate.


In Success, defeat is but an incident. Obstacles, stumbling blocks, disappointment in ideals — these things weave into and form the Raiment to Success. For Success is a series of failures — put to flight. Learn to walk past Failure. A few years ago a young man stood behind a New England counter as a Clerk.

Quiet, honest, faithful, yet a Failure in the eyes of his Employer, who one day drew aside the father of the boy and advised that the son be taken back to the farm for he never would become a Merchant.

To-day if you will but walk down State Street, Chicago, you will behold this young man’s monument — a tribute to the failures, disappointments and iron persistence of Marshall Field, who died the greatest Merchant in the World. Learn to walk past Failure. But Success isn’t measured in tangible assets. Lincoln left next to nothing in money standards. His Success, though, is the marvel and inspiration of the Ages.

Learn to walk past Failure. Success is largely a matter of personal Viewpoint. It is impossible for you to fail permanently if you determine to Succeed. Let each new day of your life then, take the invoice of its own self. Let it chalk up the Failures with the Successes — let it mark plainly the Record. But inside of your own consciousness let nothing take from the image of your mind, the Knowledge that real Success consists wholly in sacrificing temporarily in repeated failures that you may win permanently in worthwhile Deeds done. Learn to walk past Failure.