If there IS any pure Luck in the world or if it ever really does figure in the summing up of things, here’s when it figures biggest — on the day that you find your Life Work — and glory in it. Lucky you are, then — for you — Count. The world must have you.

Be Somebody in the Crowd — Count. No man ever Counts until he assumes Responsibility. Responsibility demands the work of the Brain and Heart. These two, working together, breed Ideas. Then Results begin to show. And Results make you Count. Be Somebody in the Crowd — Count. People who are Useful always Count. So if you want to Count — if you want to be singled out and justly praised, think of the most useful service possible for you to render. Then get busy in doing it.

You at your job, doing it as best you can, are sure to Count. Be Somebody in the Crowd — Count. Nothing stirs and inspires more than to have it said that you are Somebody and that — you Count — that you are a Creator, a Builder, a Producer. Anyone is justified in congratulating himself if he does things — if he really Counts. Be Somebody in the Crowd — Count. But don’t be so foolish as to be completely satisfied with the results of any work.

Growth comes in a large measure by Comparison. When you do your work better To-day than Yesterday you realize your genuine Capacity and know that there is no actual Perfection except the Perfection of doing better To-day than Yesterday. Strive for this and you need have no concern as to whether or not you will Count. You will.