Have courage. Courage is the art of sitting calmly in your seat without stirring and without getting excited when the Brass Band of Popularity, or Temporary Success or Ridicule goes by your house and turns around the corner. Courage steps out of the crowd. It stands alone. Courage is native Nerve — refined. Courage is neither bulldozing nor bare bluff — it’s not related to either.

Courage isn’t physical merely, but moral — mostly. Courage is naked Right put through fire and brought out uncracked and unbroken. Courage is heartworth making itself felt in deeds. It never waits for chances; it makes chances. A day without some Courage sprinkled in it is a day little worthwhile. For Courage makes the Man — and there never was a real Man that didn’t have Courage.

Courage is a thing born in you — but it is also a thing much lustered by use and cultivation. To-day, to-morrow — and every day — have Courage. It makes the heart glad and the soul strong. It starts smiles in the system and stirs up the kind of circulation in a man that makes him go out and do his best at the most humble undertaking. You can never fail if you have Courage — but you can never win without it. Have Courage!


Character is the stun total, worthwhile, of what a man has after he has won all and the sole thing he has left after he has lost all. Character is Power. J. Pierpont Morgan, the greatest single power in Finance in all the world, at the time of his death, once stated under oath, that “Character is the only gauge of a man, or the only rule by which he can be gauged in business, and that physical assets are therefore of secondary importance.” Character is Power.

The walls of Character that a man builds will withstand the most merciless assaults that any man can direct at them. A man’s or a woman’s good Character is absolutely unassailable. Reputation may be besmirched — but not Character. For Reputation is what people may say a man is, but Character is. what he really is. Character is Power.

Character is greater than talent, genius, fame, money, friends — there is nothing to compare with it. A man may have all these and yet remain comparatively useless — be unhappy — and die a bankrupt in Soul. But — Character pay’s out endless Dividends, molds a man into a mighty Deed-doer, and builds for him a deathless Name.

Character is Power. Character is Power in Business, in the Home, on the Street — everywhere. And it’s free for the asking to the man willing to be kind, honest, square, broad, generous, loyal, fearless — Big! Stamp your Character deeper on people to-day and make it rule your work. Let it lead you on. But fight every hour to make it stronger, for — Character is Power.