Dig. Dig right through every obstacle. Fight to uphold the dignity of your Purpose. Dig, bore, squeeze, sweat — but get through! Dig. The regular, persistent drop of water will wear away the hardest stone. Science says that the even, rhythmic step of an army has power to start the wreck of the strongest bridge. In like manner does determined effort win anything — anywhere. To believe so, start to-day to — Dig.

Dig! You see the other fellow carrying away plenty of “Bacon?” Dig. Did you fail in many things yesterday? Dig. Do you want money, reputation, glory? Dig.

Mental, moral, or financial Bankruptcy stares boldly at you? Pay no attention. Just — Dig. Success is not a thing inherited. To get it you must — Dig.

Dig. Every man or woman who ever won at anything knew how to — Dig. It is the “A’’-word of the Alphabet of Doing. Dig. No matter WHAT you want or WHERE you want it, or WHEN you want it, you must first know how to Dig — or you won’t get it. Dig. Dig.


Immortality is but a simple matter of Decision — a Decision to Dare. Initiate — Dare. All the world loves the man who isn’t afraid to Dare — a man willing to start something without first waiting a week to figure out the cost. It always takes Courage — sometimes courage mixed with “blood and iron.” But the man ready to Dare is the creator of great Events.

Initiate — Dare. Better make mistakes — better blunder along making some healthy headway, than to fear Failure or grow timid and vacillating and flabby in the legs. Become a man of Daring and Doing and the Powers that are so latent in every human will rise to aid you and push you on. Initiate — Dare. You will never be Anything, unless you Dare Something. Initiate — Dare.

Dare to attempt new things. Dare to try out new Jobs. Dare to go ahead, kicking aside Precedent if necessary, and you will have no time to shovel out of your pain wrecked Hopes and dead Dreams. Dare to be a better man at your present task than the man who went before you. Dare to be a bigger man than the man above you. Be. But, if you are, you will first have to — Initiate — Dare.