Do. The Doer is the digger — and the digger is the Builder. Do. The Doer is the mover — and the mover is the Winner.

Do. Do the things you start, Do the thing you have at heart, Do what the other fellow can but doesn’t; Do while there’s time, Do while there’s life, and Do while there’s hope; Do for your own sake, Do because you love to, Do because you must.

Do, because this is the way to start — to Win! Do. Do the job at hand — for the job moves on. Do when it shines and Do when it rains. Do through the frowns and Do through the smiles. Do on your legs and Do at your desk.

Do after you’ve failed and Do after you’ve won. But no matter whether early or late, whether here or there — Do. Da And Do it Now — Do it To-day. Do.


Few people Wear out before their time. Mostly they Rust out, Worry out, Run out — Spill out. A Machine must have care and its different parts must be adjusted properly.

No Machine has ever approached the Human Machine. When it is right, it is in Health. Make Confidants of Air and Exercise. No great Battle was ever won with antiquated Artillery. Nor is it possible for Men or Women to give the best that is in them, aided by weak, ill cared for, abused Bodies.

For Health puts on the alert every quality of Soul and makes the Brain and Heart and Nerve stations work in even unison, throbbing out big things in Deeds. Make Confidants of Air and Exercise. Pure Air, wholesome Exercise, a few good “Hobbies” put an edge to a human being that all the Pills in creation can’t equal. In addition, by touching up your Face with plenty of 22-Karat Smiles, you have briefly a Home Remedy for Health of great power and very practicable.

Make Confidants of Air and Exercise. You have time to eat, you have time to make money, you have time to take to your bed when abuse brings on aches — you will have to take time to die. It is good sense, then, to take time to get Health. Make Confidants of Air and Exercise.

Everybody is quickened and inspired by the vibrating Health and warm Magnetism that is felt instantly from the Healthy man. He is the man who does things. He is the man who is a Success. He is the fellow who has time to take on Air and Exercise and grasp Health. Also he is the one who accomplishes twice the work of the weakling and has the MOST time. Make Confidants of Air and Exercise.

If you aspire for large jobs, of necessity you must aspire for — and get — a vigorous Body, filled to the brim with Health. Half of Health is in the Mind. The rest is in getting into the Air and giving every Muscle of the body and every organ a good daily stirring tip with use and Exercise.

Let this thought radiate from your face and bearing toward every man, woman, or child that you meet: “I am a Happy, Healthy Human Being!” Make Confidants of Air and Exercise.