Enthusiasm is what happens to a man when on taking invoice, he discovers that his Heart and Head and Determination have finally welded into and become a part of “the Main Chance.” Enthusiasm is a process — not merely a condition.

Most everybody has a Head and Heart and Determination — but it’s the folks that have sufficient sense to get these together in the same spot at the same time for the same purpose that start things and move on the progress of the times.

Enthusiasm is the spark that starts the Action that moves the Man that finds the Cows and brings them home. Enthusiasm is what makes a fellow “get there.” Get Enthusiasm and you will “steam on.” Nobody can stop you. Enthusiasm is what goes through stone walls, bores miles under great rivers, wins battles and lays out cities and towns and nations. Enthusiasm changes maps and makes History possible. You at your desk, at your plow, at your broom, at your axe, at your bat, at your pen-— you, no matter who or where you are — take heart and hope and — Enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm starts things, shapes things — does things. Start to-day to mix Enthusiasm in your blood. Then keep it there!


No man in all this world ever rightfully Gets more than he Gives. And if he does he is just a plain Thief — a discredit first to Himself, then to everybody else. The Equal Division is always the Just Division — half to you and half to him. In other words, on the basis — 50-50.

Be glad to Give as much as you Take. You who are an Employee, are you Sure you are giving in Service as much as you are taking in Money, Experience, Inspiration and Training from your Employer?

Right now, take invoice. Do the results look like — 50-50? If not, start this plan into action — Be glad to Give as much as you Take. This plan of 50-50 — rightly interpreted, means death to Whiners, to the Disgruntled, and to the Assassinators of Success. They can’t Live in the atmosphere of it. The Air is too Invigorating. Be glad to Give as much as you Take.

Every dispute in this World is traceable to the lack of the 50-50 principle. The broken-up Homes, the disintegrated Businesses, the abandoned Friendships, the wasteful Armies of the World. There is need of this principle in every phase of Life. But never will it become a rule of every-day Action until YOU, in your place, begin to apply — 50-50. Be glad to Give as much as you Take.