Have Faith. First, Faith in yourself, then Faith in the thing you set out to do — then Faith in the result. Faith is the ability to believe you have won before you have. It’s the art of beating the enemy, the obstacles, or the plan of your opposers before they have securely organized.

For Faith is to take victory in hand at the start. Have Faith. The great stories of success from the beginning of time are but narratives of men and women doers — who had Faith. Faith feeds the hungry in adversity — clothes and warms the needy in temporary failure.

For Faith builds. It cannot destroy. Have Faith. Your success is limited only by your Faith. The results from Faith live limitlessly. Take heart. Have Faith. The only time people fail is when they lose Faith. The Pitcher in a ball game, the Soldier on a battle-field, the Leader in Politics, the Executive at the head of a task or business — the humblest Toiler — each goes ahead and does his best only as he is inspired to it by Faith. First, as he has it — then as those about, under or near him have Faith in him. Have Faith. And make it a vital part of your determination to Win today.

The most obscure worker is entitled to as great credit for results in proportion, as the man who commands — so long as he has and uses all the Faith he can muster. So, remember to keep a good stock of Faith on hand constantly. All this day long — Have Faith.


For the sake of this little Talk, let us suppose that the one word Together is derived from the three words — TO GET THERE. It is quite possible, anyway. For when people get themselves Together, or you collect all your individual forces Together, the thing aimed at usually happens. TO GET THERE is to get Together. Analyze a Human Failure.

Here is what you learn. He is all apart — all unhitched. His Brain is without organization. Most of his fine sensibilities are stunned or dead. His Will isn’t Landlord any more. It’s just a Boarder — and half-starved at that. His original farce of Executives and assistants — once alert and healthy and willing — have all gone out into the yard to Doze. Confusion and Ruin is everywhere. Chaos reigns. What is the Remedy?

This — TO GET THERE is to get Together. It’s marvelous the change that comes about when a man gets Together all his Forces and centers them upon the doing of ONE thing at a time. The Together idea is the progressive idea. “Where there is a Will, there is a Way.’’ But the Will is of no use without the Plan back of the Will. Plan, Will — Way. All Together and things are accomplished. TO GET THERE is to get Together.

When you begin to Divide your interests or to Distribute your forces, you begin to lose your Grip. As you draw all your Forces Together, you increase your Power. Big things are done on the Together plan. Birdshot will kill the small game but it takes the angle Rifle balls to bring down the big game. TO GET THERE is to get Together. Weigh and consider this thought as you face your work each day. Give it an honored place as a working rale. Get Together. Then stick Together.