General Manager

Human beings were created to run themselves. Else at birth, each would have been accompanied by a Book of Instructions. You are your own General Manager.

Realize but this and it will make you thrill with Fire and Force. Are YOU on the Job? No one else can possibly see your Faults in the clear light that you yourself can see them. No one else can possibly fathom the Mysteries of your Mind so thoroughly.

No one else can possibly supplant your ability to powerfully picture your own great Ideals and Purposes. No one else can possibly dictate the Policies and Measures of your own life so well. No one else can possibly so efficiently get Work and Results from your marvelous Brain and Body machinery. Who’s conducting your shop, anyway? You are the General Manager. Are YOU on the Job? Most of us are just First, Second, Third, etc., ASSISTANT General Managers.

We let someone else do our thinking for us. We want the fancy Titles and Glory — but shirk at doing the work. Are YOU on the Job? If not, do this without delay. Call a meeting of your own Intellectual Faculties. Insist on a full meeting. Then lock the door and get down to business. Take your seat at the head of the table. Discuss frankly and freely the Real Things that concern your Life Success.

But keep solidly in mind that you are the Boss — the Force behind all the Artillery, the real Directing Factor — the actual General Manager.


A great man by the name of Ansalus de Insulis — remember the name — once wrote these wonderful words: “Learn as if you were to live forever; live as if you were to die to-morrow.”

Be Responsible, first, to Yourself. Responsibility is one thing that all must face and that none can escape. It starts with the baby in the cradle. It never ends! For the Responsibility of a man goes on even after his work in the flesh is over.

A man performs a great deed. It lives in printed pages and goes on in its influence as long as there is any life in the world at all. Be Responsible, first, to Yourself. Individual Responsibility! It’s the thing that makes the Man. Without it there is no Man.

Bear in mind, you who must realize Responsibility to your Employer, or to your Friend, or to your Home, — your first Responsibility is to Yourself. And if you are weak and false to yourself — if you wabble in doing the things that mean your very life and Success — you are already a Failure. Be Responsible, first, to Yourself. Then FEEL your Responsibility.

No one is useless who believes that some things depend upon him alone. You who read this little preachment, take it to heart. Be unafraid of at least attempting larger things.

Convince your own self that you have worth and can prove it — and the tasks of big moment will take care of you and lift you into importance and affluence — the gifts of having the courage to take Responsibility and shoulder it. But, remember to — Be Responsible, first, to Yourself.