There is nothing in Ghosts. But they do exist. Ghosts are nothing more nor less than the phantom Imaginations of sick, afraid Minds. They go by various names — Failure Ghosts, Idea Ghosts, Mistake Ghosts, Chance Ghosts, Regret Ghosts — and Millions of others. Face your Ghosts. Walk right up to your Ghosts. Shake hands with them. Look them in the eye. Give them a hearing.

And then kick them out — for they never will do you any good. Face your Ghosts. Ghosts are always on the Job. In the office of the Doctor, Lawyer, Businessman, in your Home, on the Street — everywhere. But Ghosts get uneasy in the Light. They are born and bred in the Dark Alleys and exist only by the Sandbag.

Your cue is to keep the lights turned on — your Mind opens — your Courage alert — your Character Impregnable. Face your Ghosts.

To-day when you read your newspapers there will be Ghosts between the Lines of the Print. Ghosts seek you out and constantly try for your scalp. They like Time-Wasters, The Man-Afraid-of-His-Job Hesitaters. They revel among the players of idle Good-fellowship. But Ghosts sneak like cowed dogs with their tails between their legs, at the sight of Doers, Time Users, Obstacle Riddlers, and Path Makers. Be unafraid of Ghosts.

Face your Ghosts. But don’t harbor them. Live, Red-Blooded Men can’t be dragging around a lot of Ghosts and amount to Anything. Face your Ghosts.


The most marvelous of all pieces of work is the human Face. Strange that out of all the billions of Faces made since Time got to going, no two Faces have ever been exactly alike. Strange, too, that no one Face long remains the same! Make Something of YOUR Face.

The Face is the Revelation of Character. As surely and positively as does the hand guided by the orders of the Brain clear wide wastes, build great cities, and cut into life-like figures from bare rocks the story of men’s achievements, so does the Brain and Thought of a man carve and fashion daily the secret workings of his Ideals and Purposes into the Lines and Planes of his own Face.

Make Something of YOUR Face. There is one thing a man cannot hide from — his own Face! Where the Man goes the Face must go. How tremendous the responsibility, then, of making your Face a good Companion, a faithful Servant, an active Force, an interesting Study — a Face worth remembering! Make Something of YOUR Face. The only way to make Something of your Face is to make Something of your Character. A Face never lies.

It may be a Comic Picture, a Comedy of Errors, a Shakespearean Tragedy, a chiseled piece of Power, or a wrecked god — but it is no lie. If you would know your Friend, study the history of his Face. Make Something of YOUR Face. No one could get a hearing if he wrote a whole library of malicious tales about Lincoln.

His wonderful Face would contradict them all. To learn what manner of person a man is, study his Face. His Character is proclaimed there as Trumpet Tones. Pope said that the proper study of mankind was man. But the way to study a man is to study his Face. Be not so foolish as to try to “hop bail” on your own Face.

You can’t. Better start associating more with it. It is your largest asset, for no man can take it from you. Realize now, then, that the most important job for you each day is to — Make SOMETHING of your Face.