Imagination is the greatest asset that the world’s Doers have ever had. Money, titles, estates — they are all cheap beside this marvelous gift. Imagination is the creator of them all in most instances. Cultivate your Imagination.

You who read this — did you ever stop to consider that you would not be worth the free air you breathe were it not for the fact that you possess to some extent the power of Imagination? Cultivate your Imagination. People do the things they first see done with their Imagination. McAdoo with the eye of his mind saw rapid cars taking thousands of people daily under the Hudson River.

Of course, people turned their heads and smiled at his dream. But McAdoo made real his dream in the Hudson tunnels. Marconi saw the messages of people thousands of miles away floating on the waves of the air and sounded off at a marvelous instrument. He was at once rated as crazy. But he went ahead and presented to an astonished world the unbelievable Wireless telegraph! Cultivate your Imagination. People call America the “land of opportunity.” It is the land of Imagination.

Hera the humblest rises to the greatest position of power. It’s the working of Imagination that contributes most. The obscure clerk sees himself President of the concern he serves. Then he advances step by step until he realizes his aim. His first step toward the President’s job was to see himself with his Imagination, occupying it.

Cultivate your Imagination. The great Perthes once said, “that a quick Imagination is the salt of earthly life, without which nature is but a skeleton; but the higher the gift the greater the responsibility.” Cultivate your Imagination. Cultivate it in little things. Then the little things will become big things.

Then the big things will take their place among the undying things. History is but the story of the achievements of people who had Imagination. Cultivate your Imagination.


A man is always bigger than anything big that he does. No man will ever be able to create anything greater than his own Character. To take a single illustration — Lincoln.

To Humanity, Abraham Lincoln is infinitely finer than President Lincoln, and as the years accumulate, deeper and deeper do his superb qualities penetrate into the innermost workings of the peoples and nations of the world. Lincolnize your Work. The rules of action that guided Lincoln were the rules of ordinary Sense and Humanity. They were unvarnished. They were disguised by no extra trappings and encumbrances.

The simplest thinking person immediately grasped the just rulings and conclusions of Lincoln. The best investment that any Business House can make is to gather together the simple rules of conduct that guided Lincoln, and have them Printed, Framed and Hung, before the faces of every one of its Employees.

Lincolnize your Business. When Lincoln promoted General Hooker he told him that he was doing it in spite of the fact that he had glaring Faults, Enemies, Vanities, and a lot of other things. Lincoln recognized the high qualities of Leadership that Hooker had and he was not blinded by his defects. He always saw the Big things in a man. He knew Grant even before he had met him.

He felt men by their Deeds. Results to him reflected the man. Lincolnize your Judgment. Lincoln was Just. Lincoln was Generous. Lincoln was Square. Lincoln was Magnanimous. Lincoln was Modest. Lincoln was Gentle. Lincoln was Strong. Lincolnize your Ideals.