Be an Observer. Let nothing new appear without first clinching its value, studying its meaning, and absorbing its lesson. Learn. Find Out. Learn from Nature, People, Happenings. Read the thought of each day as far as you can fathom. Then apply your Knowledge.

Learn all the time from everything you can — everywhere. Investigate the Mysteries, master the Difficulties. Find Out. Right now — a paragraph from History. John Milton — a word from you. “I am blind, past fifty, but I am completing my ‘Paradise Lost’.” Michael Angelo — your testimony. “Though seventy years of age, I am still learning.” John Kemble — what have you to say? “Since leaving the stage, I have written out Hamlet thirty times.

I am now beginning to understand my art!” You who have eyes, and ears, and mouths to talk with — Learn.

Find Out. Your work to-day may look useless. You may be “only a Clerk.” But you will always be one if you fail to Learn. For the Path of advancement marks the Way of the man. Learn. Find Out. Leadership comes solely to those who KNOW. Knowledge is surely Power.

The Diners at the Table of the Feast of Success are no favored folk — none other than those who took the time to Learn. You — if you would Win — Learn!


Before you do a thing — ask Why?

A great deal of the Lost Motion of the world results from Head-long Action — going into a task without Cause — without some definite Purpose — without first finding out — Why.

Before you do a thing — ask Why? Let Why lead you on and save you Power. Simply answer with promptness its Silent questionings. Give unto Why a substantial reason for the fiber that is within you.

Before you do a thing — ask Why? Ask yourself: “Why should I do this thing? Why should I refuse to do it?” Put your actions to the Why test. Think of the wealth of happiness that the habitual use of Why can bring you! Before you do a thing — ask Why? Make Why very personal. “Why do I squander so much Time? Why do I appreciate so little the chance to Live? Why do I use so small a fraction of my Brain Ability? Why do I not make more Friends? Why do I worry about things that Never Happen? Why do I scold when I should Cheer?” Why?

Before you do a thing — ask Why? Keep Why busy about your House. And at the Night-fall of each day gather into convention the Whys of each Thought and Act. Before you do a thing — ask Why? Eliminate the regretful Why. Put yourself on the Stand hourly. Ask and Answer with fortitude and freedom — unafraid of Right conscientiously performed.