Be Loyal. To be Loyal is to be square with yourself. And you cannot be square with yourself without being a pretty good sort of a Boss — of yourself. The trouble with the people that fail is that they let someone else run their shop-Then dis-loyalty creeps in and sours and sucks and saps the life of a man away from himself. Be Loyal. You know your own possibilities better than any living being.

Get next to them without delay and learn to be Loyal to them. It’s a quality beyond price — this Loyalty. Be Loyal. The Loyal man ofttimes is of all men with discouragement tempted. But the fellow who sticks to his Faith and is Loyal — is the man that finally feels Growth and Equipment and Power becoming a part of himself. Be Loyal.

Loyalty means sacrifice. But sacrifice means Success! Be Loyal. The steps of Achievement and Honor and Satisfaction are all rock riveted to Loyalty — Loyalty to your Work, and to your Friends. Be Loyal. Benefits redound to the fit and worthy.

Your work to-day may seem mean and obscure indeed to yourself. But “the gods see everywhere” and the least neglect or slight to what you hold in hand to-day, may reflect and loom large in the completed work. Loyal attention from the start to the finish is the safest, fairest and surest path for you to pursue. Do but this and Results will take jealous care of you. Be Loyal.


Frankness is the art of saying things you honestly think exactly as you think them. To be Frank is to be naturally straightforward.

Look the other fellow in the Eye. Just as a straight line is the shortest distance between two points, so is Frankness the only right course between all people.

Because nothing is wasted. The Frank man is the only man worthy of trust. Look the other fellow in the Eye. Frankness between Employer and Employee, Frankness between a Man or a Woman, Frankness between yourself and the one who disagrees with you, is the only sensible way.

Look the other fellow in the Eye. The beginning of mutual respect is trust.

No satisfactory result in anything was ever achieved without Frankness. Look the other fellow in the Eye.

Never think that Frankness is Impudence, nor crude Opinion. It is the face to face openness of Mind and Heart that challenges immediate acceptance of what you have to say as the uncoated Truth. Look the other fellow in the Eye. To-day, don’t hedge. Stand squarely on your own legs. Be Frank. And you will marvel at the ease with which other people will understand and respect you.

Frankness, a very precious possession, is possible to all — save one, the Coward. You — start to put Frankness into use. Make it earn its board and lodging. Say out what you have to say — with Frankness. Look the other fellow in the Eye.