Opportunity is a Something — not a nothing; also, something Real — not a Phantom. And, too, Opportunity is an Ever-present — here to-day and here to-morrow. By moments, hours, days, weeks, months — years, she hovers about, unseen and unheard — except as her Spirit is felt and — seized! Opportunity is the hand of Progress to the alert, and the “handwriting on the wall” of Failure, to the groggy and the slothful.

For of all Messengers of Light she — Opportunity — is the one most patient, most fair, most just and most considerate. Opportunity is no respecter of persons or of seasons. She is ever on the job and she ever waits and waits and waits. The man may fall forever asleep — but Opportunity — never.

At this actual minute, she stands before YOU. All through the livelong day, she will be at your call. Lightning-like she flashes her Messages to all — but her sole appeal is — to you.

Think! How about it? “Stop, look, listen” — can you see, hear, feel, grip her hand? Make the most of what she holds this day for you. Think — think, think! Then ACT. For Opportunity, converted into a Fact, is the taking hold on the simplest task at hand — and doing it to a finish in the best way your know-how.

It’s picking up the pins of Priceless Minutes that the other fellow passes heedlessly over. It’s doing your work BETTER than you are paid for and tackling bigger jobs than you may think you are capable of handling. Great is the rise of the man who makes an early friend of Opportunity and takes her with him through the paths of the common every day.


The very first commandment in the decalogue of Winning is to — Keep your Chin up! Get busy at the first job that you run into or that runs into you. Tackle it “on all fours,” if necessary.

Center your whole enthusiasm in it. Study its every detail. Drive your very Heart interest into it. But don’t forget to — Keep your Chin up. People who look down never get much of an idea of the sky where the Stars are set. And the fellow who doesn’t hitch at least one or two of his wagons to a Star never gets very high up.

Get your eyes off the ground. Look ahead. Keep your Chin up. For, after all, Winning is a thing within — then out. No other man will or can Win for you. No other man in all the world, no matter how exalted, has the ability and power that is concentrated in you, waiting for some match of Action to touch it off. Also, your Success can be as the Success of no other man. But you alone must find the Thing and DO the Work. It’s great fun, too, if you — Keep your Chin up. It is easier to Win than to Fail. Everybody sides with the Winner. But the Failure walks alone.

Keep your Chin up. Remembering that to Win is to do your work well — to-day. The thing delayed or put off is the thing undone. Start right now. Straighten your shoulders. Set your eyes ahead. Clench your fist — close your jaw, and — Keep your Chin up. And you will WIN!