Emerson says that “the strongest man on earth is the man who stands most alone.” Owe money — be in Debt — and you stand by the props that the sweat of other men’s brows and the gray of other men’s brains have earned and bought. You don’t stand alone. You play false to your own strength. Abhor Debt. Pay. Debt means to owe — somebody else. It means that you give up what might be yours.

It means that you offer a part of yourself for sale for a definite sum. When you owe money you make yourself a slave. The other fellow holds you fast in literal bondage. Abhor Debt. Pay. Better live happy away from glamor, smooth words, hand-clapping, and selfish gratification than Dog to some Master whose whistle you are bound to respect.

Abhor Debt. Pay. The quickest way to kill a Friend (the most valuable possession on Earth) is to ask him to lend you money. If he is a real Friend he will refuse. If you are a real Man you will learn a lesson and thank him. The man who makes it a rule to live within his means soon creates means to live out of it. There is but one safe, sound, sensible rule in money affairs and that is to pay as you go — or don’t go! Abhor Debt. Pay. Start to-day to Pay up.

Will yourself to do it. Catch fire and enthusiasm from the freedom and power that follow in the way of the man who owes not a dollar to any man. Abhor Debt. Pay.