Respect is the name of the Fellow who tends door for your Conscience. He is the most sacred office in the gift of your Character. For, when he goes wrong, Conscience becomes ill unto Death. Nothing of Winning matters with Respect gone.

Respect is your most faithful Friend, your greatest Guide, your most powerful Protector — your safest Pilot into Port. Nothing of Winning matters with Respect gone. And Respect is made at home. You are your own Respect. For a man can be on no better terms with anybody than with his own Self.

The Man without Respect is a Make-believe, a Fraud — a Counterfeit. Nothing of Winning matters with Respect gone. Respect yourself and other people will be compelled to Respect you — and you will Respect them. Respect is the beginning of Wisdom.

With Respect on guard, you look people squarely in the Eye without wavering. With Respect, active and unafraid, you go ahead to move away Rubbish and Obstacles and pave a path for other people to walk in from which they profit.

Nothing of Winning matters with Respect gone. Think about this as you move about To-day. Let it keep you Strong. Let it make you indomitable. Let it lift you from your present position into one higher up. Let it make of you a Leader. For — Nothing of Winning matters with Respect gone.


The reason I beat the Austrians is, they didn’t know the value, of five minutes. Napoleon. Learn to use your Time. For if you don’t it passes on, never to return — coldly mindless of your sorrow and your regret. As steadily, silently and smoothly as does this aged Earth move in its path, so does Time move on.

It never stops to tie its shoestrings. It never waits. Time is Effort, harnessed and worked to a full day’s portion. Time has no Business, boasts no monied Millions, hires no fast-legged Errand Boys, houses no Clerks, thinks no Problems, rules no States. Time IS Business, Money, the Errand Boy, the Clerk, the Problem, the State! Time is but the man in the job put to action and to work.

And Time used to profit To-day will accumulate Power for you To-morrow just as sure as Time goes on. Meditate not on Trifles. Attempt big things. Remembering that — This day will never dawn again! And yet, mighty as Time is, priceless in comparison to all else in the world, Time is the freest thing in existence.

Perhaps that is why so many fail to grasp it with earnestness and with enthusiasm? Perhaps that is why so few realize its presence and let it pass on? Think! No matter what your work to-day, if it is worthwhile at all — Time to plan it out, Time to do it well, and Time to finish it, is your day’s greatest gift and your greatest job. Learn to use your Time.