Ultimately, sales is about helping people say yes to themselves.

I believe in the power of sales to improve lives so much that I have created the Meant for More Formula to help you do it too. Since 2009, I’ve had the honor of teaching mission-driven entrepreneurs, experts, and service professionals how to get out there and make the difference —and the money— they were put here to make by learning how to claim their gifts, know their worth, and sell without being sales-y.

My graduates live in 134 countries. Collectively, we estimate that they’ve made more than $375 million helping people with their gifts, talents, and expertise, using the principles I teach. My team and I work with people who are either in business for themselves or seriously considering launching their own ventures.

They typically fall into two categories: New business owners looking for clear steps to increase sales Established coaches, authors, experts, and service professionals who want to take their business to the next level While the Meant for More Formula is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, it also works if you’re trying to make the most of a corporate job, if you’re in transition from working for a company to creating your own thing, or if you’re a stay-at-home parent or retiree in search of that second-half career or seeking to up your impact through volunteering.

Basically, it applies to anyone with that feeling that won’t go away—the feeling that there is something more you’re meant to do with your time here on earth. Everything I teach about how to grow your business is also directly applicable to growing your life. My clients consistently report that they’ve used the strategies contained in the Meant for More Formula, as I have, to inspire their kids, spouses, family members, and friends to reach for their own versions of more.

One of my clients, Kathryn, is married to a great guy—a musician—and they have two young daughters. When I met her, Kathryn was the primary breadwinner, supporting her husband’s dream of playing music professionally by working as a freelance copywriter. Kathryn was good at what she did—so good that one client came to rely on her more and more until she eventually offered to make Kathryn a partner.

That’s how Kathryn came to be at my event, as a “plus one” to this client. When we got to the segment of the training where I teach about being meant for more, Kathryn had a realization that she wasn’t happy. Although she loved her husband and her daughters, Kathryn wanted to hit the snooze button every day because her life felt consumed by work and motherhood. It was all obligation, no passion. In that moment of clarity, Kathryn also realized that she didn’t want to build someone else’s dream, and that she wasn’t going to accept the partnership her client was offering.

After the training, Kathryn began to see that she had a knack for figuring out the technical side of business—she was always helping her copywriting clients update their websites or figure out their e-mail newsletter service. Once Kathryn started to do more of the “techy” work that she enjoyed and that came naturally to her, she quickly got enough business to stop working with her copywriting clients. Yet it wasn’t the money that made the biggest impact on her life.

It was that she couldn’t wait to get out of bed in the morning and get to work. As a result, she could be more present with her kids because she didn’t have to try to make them her main source of fulfillment. She didn’t resent her husband’s pursuit of his dream, because she was going after hers too, and now their relationship is stronger than ever (which is saying something for a couple with two kids under three in the house). This is the kind of ripple effect that happens when you start advocating for yourself and getting out there with what I call your “irresistible offer” (whether money ever changes hands or not).

An irresistible offer is exactly what it sounds like: an invitation that is so compelling and on point that the person it’s intended for can’t help but say yes. There are three main components of an irresistible offer, which we’ll cover in Chapter 10, but at this point all you need to know is that you are about to learn how to make offers that will have others pursuing your gifts, talents, services, and advice—you won’t have to chase anyone down. With the structures that you’ll learn on these pages, you’ll know exactly how to present your offer so that the structures do the selling for you—all you have to do is show up and be yourself. Remember how Bugs Bunny would smell a roast turkey in the next room and start floating through the air toward it? With irresistible offers, it’s like you become the turkey, and the people you’re meant to help float toward you on the delicious vibes you’re putting out. At its heart, this book is about leadership.

I define leadership as knowing how to give people what they need to make a decision and say yes to themselves. My intention is that reading this book will empower you to step out as a leader in your family, relationships, work, community, and in your own life—not in an ego-based way, but in a way that is generous, courageous, and compassionate. Generous because you want to help others give themselves a chance to make the difference you know they’re capable of making. Compassionate in being able to look out beyond your own life and love another person enough to see that they are meant for more and offer them a new possibility. And courageous in that you are willing to put yourself forward as someone who has the power to help others.

Because you do. Every single one of you reading this does, right now. It’s already inside of you and ready to be unveiled. I want reading this book to help you tap into the confidence that people need you, that you’re worthy, and that this longing for “more” is a seed that is ripening at this moment for a reason. What prevents so many people from owning their gifts and using them to make a difference is the challenge of figuring out how to take this intangible thing and make it visible to others—how to communicate it in such a way that they inspire not just excitement but actual commitment from people they are capable of helping. That’s why this book is full of exercises, ideas, mindset breakthroughs, and step-by-step processes.

The Meant for More Formula has been tried and tested by me as well as by over 15,000 students of ours all over the world. Everything you’re holding in your hand has been implemented by others just like you.

This guide will help you unwrap your gift, develop the courage to own it, and inspire you to offer it to others generously and with compassion.