To serve is to find Something to do — and then do it. It matters not what this Something is, so long as it serves a Useful end. Honor your Job. The biggest man or woman who ever lived, was in no way, after all, greater than a Servant — in some way or other.

The world is a world of Servants. You are a Servant. The one you Serve is a Servant. Honor your Job. Proportionately every man is as great as the greatest if he Serves to his fullest capacity. To do this is to Grow. And Growth only comes to the people of Capacity. You who do your best to-day will do better tomorrow.

To Service, there is no limit. Honor your Job. No occupation is so dignified as Service of some kind. Nothing brings greater rewards in Happiness and Power. He climbs the highest who helps another up.

Honor your Job. The truest fact in all this world is that the more you do for someone else, the more you boost your own game — the stronger your own individual influence and Character becomes. Suppose you try it out today and learn for yourself.

Try it in your home, at your office, in your place of power, or in the midst of the humblest circumstances. Be a real Servant. Serve. And be glad in doing it. Honor your Job. And by so doing become one of the factors in the stirring affairs of your time.


Yes, Silence is many times Golden. You know that. But try to realize it more strongly. For the Silent Man is usually the Thinking Man and the Silent Worker is the Get-Things-Done Worker. But best of all, Silence as a rule of daily life Conduct makes you Big and Powerful. Don’t talk Back.

The World’s great Doers have all been Men and Women of few words — Napoleon, Cromwell, Washington, Grant, Lincoln, Marshall Field — Edison. These men didn’t have time for disputes, wrangles — revenges. Don’t talk Back. The World is coming to the Idea of Silence — fewer Words, more Deed-doing.

It is the big Law of Nature. It is becoming the great Law of Business. For Silence can’t be answered. There is nothing to answer. Don’t talk Back. Look around you. You admire the Silent people — those who mind their own business and Build. You know the names of the Useful men of your town. You can’t waste their time — you can’t get them “mad.” You can’t steal anything from them.

Their Silence is their Wealth and every time they walk along the streets they speak volumes. Add another motto to those you may already have. Make it this — Silence. Don’t talk Back.