Shopify Features

We mentioned some of the features that are available on each of the plans so now we’ll look at them in a little more detail.

Features for Every Plan:

Every Shopify Plan comes with these features:

  • Unlimited Products – you can upload unlimited products to your store with no restrictions
  • Unlimited Bandwidth/Unlimited Storage – this is important. You can have as many visitors as you like and upload as many videos and photos as you want without being charged any extra .
  • Shopify POS – this is the Point-of-Sale feature, a neat tool that lets you make sales at a physical store, be it a market, fair, or so on. The POS app must be installed to your Android or iOS device and you can then process sales and transactions anywhere you want, as well as managing your store from within your Shopify account
  • Channel for Online Sales – with this, you can use several sales channels – your Shopify store, social media accounts, and so on. Everything is seamlessly integrated so you can manage everything in one place, monitoring orders, transactions and everything across all channels.
  • Fraud Analysis – this is added in Shopify Payments automatically, helping you to track potentially potentially fraudulent orders and alerting you to any risks. This ensures your transactions are legitimate and you avoid losses.
  • Discount Codes – Discount codes are a good way of enticing people into your store, building up a bigger audience and more potential sales. If you use Instagram, you may have spotted one or two influencers who provide fans with unique codes to use with specific brands. Well, these are the codes that the Shopify plans give you. How you give them to your audience is entirely up to you; you could ask influencers or bloggers to give your store a bit of promotion in exchange for something, you could give the codes out to first-time buyers to give them some kind of incentive or you could use them in a targeted email drive – it’s up to you.
  • Overview – each plan provides you with an overview of your key sales data. This will tell you your overall sales numbers, how many visitors your store gets, how many orders are placed, and so on. You are also provided with finance reports showing your income, expenditure, and any transactions that are pending.
  • Customer Service – Shopify provides you with several ways to contact them and they are operational 24/7. With the Lite plan, you get an email address and Live Chat, with all others you also get phone numbers to call them on. Those are the features on every plan