Be Sincere. For it’s the mark that stamps and “Trademarks” your Character so that it stands at once as Genuine. Be Sincere. Nobody trusts the man who doesn’t trust himself. Be Sincere.

Look the other fellow in the eye squarely and with confidence, and he will trust you. Be Sincere. Lacks in ability and knowledge are many times excused. But insincerity — never.

Be Sincere. Teach the world once for all that you are square — Sincere — and the “order of business” for you will move smoothly and with satisfaction. Be Sincere.

Sincerity is more than money. Even as the magnet attracts and clusters to itself particles of steel, so does the man who holds Sincerity as his asset, draw Men and Chances, and great Works to his record. Be Sincere. Trouble yourself not that Yesterday was a failure. To-day faces you. Try a new instrument. Tighten new cords for a New Tune.

Take hold on a new Force — be Sincere. Then will this day have been far from in vain. Be Sincere.


Happiness is Helpfulness bubbling over at the rim. Also, Happiness is getting in time with the music of the Band of The-Out-of-Doors. There is no unhappiness in Nature. Lend a Hand. Make Happiness a Habit. The people who are Happy are the people who are Successful — not in money, merely, but in Contentment, realized Aims and completed Effort. To win — be Happy.

To be Happy — do something worthwhile. Lend a Hand. Make Happiness a Habit. The fastest growing concern is the one with the most Happy helpers. Happiness produces health. Health plows up the field of native ability and makes ready the soil for the Happy Harvest.

Lend a Hand. Make Happiness a Habit. Happiness cannot be bought. Being rated as of all things about the most Precious — it is at the same time free. It is for all. But there must be mustered the effort to take it. And after you have it, if you would keep it — give it away. Lend a Hand.

Make Happiness a Habit. For Happiness boiled down is nothing more nor less than being well content with your progress by seeking better things all the time, being glad that you are alive, thanking God that you have a chance, believing that you have some things that nobody else in all the world has, and just resolving that you are going to make this world a marvelous place to stay in for a while.

It’s also having something that everyone else will want — and giving it to others. Lend a hand. Make Happiness a Habit.