Stick. Just Stick. This is the essence — the beginning and end — of Success. Stick. The Sticker is the “get there” man. Stick. Everybody begins — but not all Stick. Yesterday you failed, maybe, but to-day you can Win — if you Stick it out.

All achievers wear a badge labeled “STICK.” You Stick — to-day. When you fed like quitting — Stick! If the other fellow is getting the best of you — Stick. He will if you don’t.

Stick. The great successes of business and life are but repetitions of the same story — the story of men who knew HOW to Stick. Stick.

You may not like your job, but think before you change it. So few know HOW to Stick. So few learn WHEN to Stick. So few care WHERE they Stick. You think it out with patience.

Then — whether it be a job or a task — Stick it out. Stick. To-day — start things and Stick to each until finished — completed in the best way your know-how. Just Stick.


One of the important lessons of this life is to learn to keep out of Ruts. Everyone is bound to strike them at times. But they should be gotten out of — immediately.

For to stay in a Rut is to stick still — and stagnate, while others pass you and forget you. Keep your eyes Open and your Mind Awake. Watch out for the Imitation Rut — the Rut that takes you away from your own Work and your own Ideas and makes a Duplicate out of you instead of an Original. Creators stand in a class by themselves.

Pay tribute to the Head on your own shoulders. Get the habit of Initiation. Keep your Eyes Open and your Mind Awake. Think. Get together new Ideas. Welcome them. Read. Profit from the Minds of past ages. Compare them with the advancing Thought and Experiences of your own age. Delve into the Mysteries.

Seek out the Truths they hold. Learn SOMETHING new each day — and you will be ready armed against getting into Ruts. Keep your Eyes Open and your Mind Awake. Vary your Work each day as great as possible. Think out new ways of doing old tasks.

The Brain acts spryest when it is most interesting. Love your Work. If you don’t, find Work that you do. Keep your Eyes Open and your Mind Awake. And be kind to your own human Machine. Give it Rest. Occasionally dip away into new Surroundings, see new Faces, mid meet new Scenes. Find delight among those who Do and Dare.

Lock arms with the Smilers — pass by the Frowners. Now, read this little talk over again — resolving that you will from this time on stay out of the Rut business.