Be Systematic. The Thought, the Plan, the Energy, the Success of your day is measured in value by your application to each — of System. Be Systematic. First, it is the easiest way. And then, it is the only way. For without System, the most stupendous Task is sure to crack, crumble and fall into a wreck of waste and loss.

Be Systematic. With System, a worthwhile Purpose, and an iron determination, progress is steady and smooth and sure. Difficulties fade away.

Obstructions are pushed aside, and the Completed Task rises with precision and reality, like unto the rising shafts of steel that reach skyward, outlining and suggesting and making real the giant form of the completing Skyscraper. All through System! Be Systematic.

Form the habit of undertaking even the smallest Task through System. Then the big things will be achieved with ease and with enjoyment. Be Systematic. But don’t be satisfied to apply System to yourself alone. Teach it to others. You who are a Stenographer, Clerk, Manager, Owner of a Business — no matter what your niche — see that System rules your Throne. Be Systematic.


There are two kinds of Backbones — the one with the Back and no Bone and the one with both Back and Bone! Backbone! what great things have been put across in your name! Stiffen your Backbone. It is a great thing to have a big Brain, a fertile Imagination, grand Ideals, but the man with these, bereft of a good Backbone is sure to serve no useful end.

Stiffen your Backbone. There is a little vine that starts at the base of great trees. Then it climbs and twines about until it squeezes and saps away unto death the tree around which it clings. It has not a Backbone — no vital individual strength of its own, so it seeks out to tear down and kill where there is strength, power and life.

That is what Backbone-less people do. Stiffen your Backbone. Use it to stand alone with. Use it to bolster up your own individual resources. Use it to strengthen weaker Backbones than your own. Use it for the working out of your entire Character. Then Deeds Done, will gather about you in Battalions, and Opportunity will stand around anxious to introduce you to her friends. Stiffen your Backbone.

Use your Backbone at your job to-day — you who clerk, you whose fingers pound the type keys, you whose brains formulate plans, distribute details and master problems. For the temple of Success is upheld by the strong arms of men and women who have Backbone and use it.