The Booming Economy In the Age of COVID

When trouble strikes, only the strong survive. And past survival, only the wise will thrive. Trouble sets apart the strong winded from the weak-minded, the wise from the unwise, and the innovative from their opposite. Looking at the world since the pandemic struck, it is clear that the world has evolved in so many ways.

A lot has changed over the months and the economies of the world, the social lives of people, as well as the religious aspects of life, have not been spared. And if these dimensions of life have been affected, you can be sure that nothing will ever be the same again. Life will change in one way or the other. There are changes that we have been forced to make while dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic.

It is also true that there are many other changes that we will be forced to make after this pandemic. In as much as life will seem to have gone back to normal when the curfews and lockdowns are lifted, nothing will be a hundred percent what they used to be after what we have experienced. There will be a few changes here and there that will come into place whether at a personal level, family level, institutional level, national level, or global level. But remember, change is not always a bad thing because we can always make positive changes.

A lot is happening. Businesses have been shut down, the economies of nations have declined, people have lost their means for earning their daily bread, schools have been shut down causing the education system of nations to take a different turn, different industries have been affected and some have been forced to evolve. But even amid the many negative effects, there have been some positive things and the best being families have had the opportunity to stay together and connect in deeper ways. Life has not been too busy causing families to have less time for each other.

While fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, nations and people have seen dark and hard times. Many people are worried about what the future has in store. Many people are uncertain of the life they will get back to after the pandemic. Many are feeling hopeless and helpless. Many have been placed at a place of a disadvantage because of the pandemic, not knowing whether they will recover from the losses they have incurred when the world eventually recovers from the pandemic.

Many people see tougher times ahead based on how things are now. While no one can blame the people for being anxious about what the future holds and especially when the economies of the nations and systems have been significantly affected, we are all responsible for how we will face the future. Life is very personal. It is never about ‘what was’ but all about ‘what is’. That means that what we do in the present is what counts most. Therefore, in as much as one may feel overwhelmed with the thoughts of what will happen next after the pandemic, they must be able to take charge of their lives and make the best out of the way things will be. Yes, things will change.

Not every change may favor you or make your life better than it was before the pandemic struck. But one thing is for sure, you have the ability and the responsibility to make lemonade when you have lemons on your hands. This is the inspiration for this book. After this pandemic, life may not be what you were used to. But even at that, you still have a chance to thrive in the post-pandemic world. The question is whether or not you will grab the bull by the horns.