People are paid, ambition is achieved, success comes only in the measure that a man Thinks. Think. All great Doers were and are great Thinkers. Think. Mistakes, Confusion, Consternation are rare callers at the brain of the man who Thinks. Think.

But think to a definite purpose. Systematize your ideas. Plan out the acts of each of your minutes, and hours — and days. Think. Think. Napoleon was a Thinker. Sought out one day in one of the crises of France, he was found in an obscure garret, studying the streets of Paris and Thinking out his best moves for the morrow.

Think. Think. Be your own Silent partner. Think. Be responsible to your own Intellectual Force. Think. Forge from the anvil of your own hard fights and failures, the Deeds of Doing that can only come after the most rigid and pains taking Thoughts.

Think. Think. Start this day with the resolve to Think out each act you perform, knowing that the largest and most useful Results follow the man who Thinks.


Study your Mistakes. There are two kinds of Mistakes. Those that happen from ordinary human mis-thinking and those that come from carelessness and petty un-thinking. Study your Mistakes.

No one ever gets too big to make Mistakes. The secret is that the big man is greater than his Mistakes because he rises right out of them and passes beyond them. After one of Henry Ward Beecher’s sermons in Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, a young man came up to him and said: “Mr. Beecher, did you know that you made a grammatical error in your sermon this morning?” “A grammatical error,” answered Beecher, “I’ll bet my hat that I made forty of them.” Half of the power of the forceful man springs out of his Mistakes of one sort or another. They help to keep him human. Study your Mistakes.

But the Mistakes that tear away the power of a man, weaken him, and make him flabby, are the stupid, the reckless Mistakes. The Clerk who forgets, the Stenographer that doesn’t care, the Worker who neglects — these are the ones whose lifeblood and vitality are sapped and sucked away into failure. Study your Mistakes.

One of the great things of each day for you is to do your best — unmindful of Mistakes. But after your work is done and you realize your blunders, don’t shirk, don’t whine, don’t despond, but — Study your Mistakes. Then profit from them — and go ahead!